MailChimp Targets Customers with Google AdWords

When MailChimp launched in 2001, email itself was fairly new to the public and email marketing was in its infancy. So MailChimp has grown up alongside the Internet, starting as an email service provider for small businesses and evolving into what VP of Marketing Tom Klein calls a “broad marketing platform.” With their own creative approach to marketing, which ranges from sponsoring podcasts like Serial to sending customers chimp-themed socks and placing artful billboards in cities around the globe, MailChimp has created a beloved brand. In their hometown of Atlanta, Tom says, they’re known as a company where “technology and marketing come together.”

“We use many of Google’s products to empower our customers.” – Tom Klein, VP of Marketing

MailChimp uses Google tools to promote their business and to support the services they offer to customers. The marketing department uses AdWords, Google’s advertising program, to target specific audiences and to help people find MailChimp on the web. They use Google Analytics to study user behavior and help their customers “learn more about what happens after the email is sent,” says Tom. Google Analytics also helps his team measure the efficacy of creative partnerships and sponsorships by analyzing subsequent search volume for MailChimp.

MailChimp has approximately 500 employees in Atlanta.

The company saw “a really big uptick” in sales in 2015, and 60% of their business today comes from outside the U.S. Tom calls AdWords “a powerful tool that helps us reach an international audience.” Balancing the immediate value they get from AdWords with “compelling brand experiences that tell a story,” one of MailChimp’s new focuses is building a strong brand presence on YouTube. “We’re in the process of investing in YouTube. I think the big opportunity there is that customers want and actually enjoy getting help by watching videos,” Tom says. “I’ve got a 13-year-old daughter. And if you ask a 13-year-old how to do anything, they just go to YouTube and look it up.”

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