Web marketing 101: learn from website pet peeves

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Having a website, whatever your business model, is elementarily critical for a successful small business. Since everyone has a website, yours needs to shine. One of the ways to ensure that yours does is to make certain that it doesn’t turn people off. You might have a site that is and does many great things, but if people are annoyed from the very start you’ll never get a chance to show them your stuff.

StartupNation community member rossb started a forum topic titled “Website Pet Peeves – what annoys you most?" Let’s learn from what people say they hate about websites. Here are some early responses:

• Websites that blast music or any type of audio as soon as it loads.

• The only thing worse (at this moment) is the same site that also doesn’t let you turn it off!!!

• Flash that has no value besides to be "flashy".

• Sites that fall apart in Mozilla Firefox or Opera.

• Sites that use popups, popunders, or any advertising that scrolls / blocks the actual content.

• hyooge blocks of text with no paragraph breaks, and text on backgrounds that make it almost impossible to read whatever is in that text.

• sites that are built for the PC user and not the Mac user in mind.

• Sites that make you search all over to figure out how to contact someone, for the answer to a simple question.

• websites that are one big image!

• typos and bad grammar.

• Neon colors.

• overly busy home pages.

Got any more pet peeves to share? Join in the conversation at the community forum topic.

By the way, rossb’s signature line in the StartupNation community forum has this quote,

“Experienced captains are not made by sailing calm seas.”

Can I get an Amen from the entrepreneurial congregation?

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