Work with StartupNation’s professional designers to create the perfect logo for your business!

What You Know

Your logo is your startup’s calling card. It’s what people come to associate your business with, and like a first impression, you’ve got to nail it.

What You Need

You need a logo to become the face of your business; one that stands out from the crowd and drives your customers to take action.

StartupNation Logo Design Services

StartupNation’s team of graphic designers will work with you to create the perfect logo for your business. We know the importance of great design, and how to make it memorable, because we’ve been where you are.

Our graphic design team ensures that the logo created for your business is targeted to your demographic, distinct, and most of all, timeless.

To start, we offer a brief consultation session to learn about you and your business. We’ll ask questions like:

–       Who are your major competitors?

–       What are some examples of logos you do/do not like?

–       What is the most important message you would like your logo to convey about your brand?

–       Who are your target customers?

This consultation session will allow our designers to take a deeper dive into your business objectives to determine how to best cater StartupNation’s Logo Services to you.

Logo Design Process

Based on the input from your consultation, our team will craft three different concepts for your logo within seven to 10 business days. You will then provide feedback on each of the concepts, and we will revise them accordingly within another seven to 10 business days. Upon final approval of the logo, StartupNation will deliver the web- and print-ready logo files to you.

Here are some things to consider that may help give us additional assistance in designing your logo:

  • Do you have a company tagline or slogan that could be used as part of the logo?
  • What product(s) or service(s) do your business provide?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • Is there a unique story behind your business?
  • Are there any inspiring visuals associated with your business?
  • What does your audience care about?
  • How does your audience learn about your product, organization or service?
  • Why should your audience choose you over the competition?
  • What words do you want your audience to associate with your company?
  • Generally, what logos or brands do you think will appeal to your audience and why?
  • Do have have specific design preference, likes, dislikes or expectations?

Also, please provide examples of other logos that appeal to you in arrangement, color, font or any other aspect. These do not have to be logos from companies related to your industry, just ones that you happen to find appealing.

StartupNation Logo Design Services Offered

Services include consultation, logo design, business card design, brand identity and social media images

Logo Packages

Basic Logo Package


Choose and customize from pre-designed templates, colors and fonts

Each logo is unique

Final files for print, web and video

Custom Logo Package


Completely unique custom logo design by professional designers, not from pre-designed templates

Final files for print, web, video and more

Includes Pantone color codes

Variations for dark backgrounds, light backgrounds

Custom Logo Branding Package


Choose and customize from pre-designed templates, colors and fonts

Each logo is unique

Final files for print, web and video

StartupNation takes you from dreamer to doer, with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, or your money back.