Big Changes for a Key Employee.. and your reaction

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Continuing on the theme of throwing scenarios at you that you respond to, here’s one that we (as business owners) have to be ready for…because it could happen when we least expect it…

One of your key employees walks in to have a private talk with you. He has a serious situation he’s dealing with.

It’s a life changing health issue and it’s going to require that he stay home much more instead of coming in to work every day for the long hours your business demands.

He loves your business and knows that this is probably going to seriously jeopardize his employment with you and his ability to deliver the way he has since you started up with him as the second hire.

How do you react? You know this person is magic for your business. You really care about him, too. But you also know that he will not be able to do as much as he used to, and your business has traditionally demanded every waking hour of his energy.

What do you do?

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