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5 Key Benefits of Server Upgrades: A Dell White Paper

By proactively replacing each server at the optimized time, IT can better maximize the value it delivers for the business and your customers — while reducing costs. Dell EMC PowerEdge servers are designed with the intelligence and automation that enable organizations like yours to transform IT operations and your business.

The Right Entry-Level Servers for Your Small Business

The five key benefits?

  • Improved IT staff efficiency.
  • Increased revenue growth.
  • Improved application performance.
  • Higher customer satisfaction.
  • Faster time to market.

“As with service-quality and business-factor improvements, the key here is to go not for larger and less frequent increments in costs, but for smaller and consistent ones. Longer but larger cost improvements do not factor in intangible costs such as employee productivity, unplanned downtime, and the resulting impact to business,” a study by Dell Technologies and Intel found.

When is the optimal time to upgrade? Every four years or less, the study found, adding that “costs increase significantly in years 4–6 of a server’s life span and substantially outweigh the initial costs of buying a new server.”

Learn how server upgrades enable IT staff to take full advantage of enhanced management tools to drive efficiency as well as optimize systems to improve application performance by clicking below:

Read the Dell white paper by clicking below:

server upgrades

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