Entreprenuers and health insurance

For entrepreneurs, the most burning question in growing a business is–how do I keep costs down?

As you know, this is not a simple question to answer–especially when it comes to providing health benefits for your employees.

I’ve been in your shoes five times. I’ve successfully launched five different startups and intimately understand the pitfalls that can be a deterrent; the challenges that can change profit margins; and the valuable successes that can lay the foundation for a profitable company. It is no secret that entrepreneurs must be more streamlined, more proactive and more innovative than ever before.

My name is Lorne Zalesin. I am the CEO of MyInsuranceExpert.com, a company that was formed specifically to simplify the individual insurance purchasing process.

Since our beginning in late 2006, MyInsuranceExpert.com has grown exponentially. Today we have more than 30 employees and are available within nine states. By the end of 2009, our plan is to expand to 40 states, possibly more.

More than ever before, decisions involving health insurance are ones that many entrepreneurs wrestle with.

To help, I’m going to be blogging about health insurance topics as they relate specifically to your needs. These issues will include, how do you recruit effectively without offering health care? What’s the difference between the varieties of spending accounts (HSAs, HRAs, etc.)? What are some useful strategies to offer employees higher pay with fewer benefits?

I look forward to joining you in conversation about how to make the best decisions that will impact the success of your business going forward.

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