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Create a Cyber-Resilient Business in 4 Steps

Resilience is a serious topic of conversation among senior managers and board directors these days. Businesses are weaving operational resilience into the fabric of their strategy to help them manage the rising tide of risks, not least cyber risk, and increase shareholders’ confidence in their ability to cope with any eventuality.

Central to the goal of cyber resilience is the concept of security by design, where security measures are engineered into every part of the business. It is a deliberate approach to cyber risk management that infuses risk thinking into strategic and operational processes. This is in comparison to adding security as a bolt-on to tick a box in reaction to regulatory requirements. Managing cyber risk is not about piecemeal measures to detect and hopefully prevent ransomware, distributed denial-of-service attacks and other intrusions. It is about having a comprehensive security strategy that ensures the business is resilient to any kind of attack, an objective that governments and public authorities around the world are helping businesses achieve through advice as well as regulation.

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So how do you build security into your corporate strategy so that it becomes part of your business DNA and makes you cyber resilient? There are four key steps to take.

Download Dell’s white paper below to learn about the four steps you must take to become cyber resilient.

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