When Disaster Strikes, You Can Count on Dell

For SMB to mid-market to the enterprise, agility is key. It’s how you win in today’s competitive environment. It’s also why so many businesses are looking to the cloud for backup and recovery of business-critical data, workloads and systems.

Cloud disaster recovery (DR) enables IT admins to back up data and applications to a secure off-premises location, providing off-site protection that enables virtual machines to quickly be brought up and running again in minutes in the case of a disaster – minimizing downtime and keeping business up and running. In fact, Dell EMC data protection reduces time to recover in the event of a disaster by up to 85%.

TechBytes: Work From Anywhere But Make Sure It’s Secure (Episode 2)

For organizations that want to protect their VMware workloads, the Dell EMC Data Protection offering for VMware Cloud on AWS provides an extremely simple disaster recovery solution for workloads running on VMware Cloud on AWS. The DR solution, utilizing VMware Cloud on AWS, allows organizations to save VM images to Amazon S3 storage. Selected VM images can be recovered on demand to VMware Cloud on AWS in case of a disaster event, rather than recovering your entire VM environment at once. This solution offers business continuity, allowing you to continue operations in your own environment from a copy in VMware Cloud on AWS. This solution also requires Cloud DR Server running during on-going protection.

Learn more about the benefits of cloud DR and how it works by clicking below:

Dell Cloud DR white paper

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