A Work-From-Home E-Book From Dell

For most companies, work-from-home directives came almost overnight, with little time to address critical remote technology issues of scale, management, support, productivity, security and more. For your IT team, this situation is certainly not normal. And it has tested
their ability to support your employees who are working from home in numbers like never before.

Dell shares how companies have put remote technology solutions to work in ways that can be adapted to work-from-home requirements so your employees can continue being as productive as possible, wherever they are.

Productivity. Flexibility. Responsiveness. Mobility. These have been some of the many benefits of tech-enabled remote working over the years, whether your employees were on the go—in cars, in airports awaiting flights, or in the clouds flying somewhere. Or, perhaps they were visiting client or customer sites, in hotels between meetings, or in cafés recharging themselves and their devices. And, yes, remote working has meant your employees could work from home, too.

In all cases, remote working extended the enterprise beyond walled-in spaces away from home. It has required IT to extend the reach of its coverage in terms of device management, support and security.  Given today’s extraordinary times, you now have the opportunity to rethink remote working in the context of more employees than ever working from home. You can reimagine your business as one where your employees can work more productively and collaboratively than ever, eliminating their commute times and reducing your real estate footprint. These are among other changes in your business model that may be possible in the long run.

Learn how companies have benefited from Dell Technologies in this e-book. Click below.

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