Franklin Cider Mill

How Franklin Cider Mill Grew Alongside the State of Michigan: Business Biography

The state of Washington is no. 1 in producing apples — about four times more apples than any other state. New York and Michigan are the no. 2 and no. 3 producers, respectively. The Franklin Cider Mill is proud of the apples grown in Michigan and use only Michigan apples for its cider.

The Franklin Grist Mill completed construction in 1837, the same year Michigan gained its statehood. Around the turn of the century, the Franklin Grist Mill was flooded and shut down until the property was purchased in 1918 by Robert McKee.

McKee changed the mill from a grist mill to a cider mill and stipulated that the cider season would run from August 15 until January 1. Jack Peltz bought the cider mill in 1966 and it has remained in the family ever since.

Franklin Cider Miller’s third generation family member, Melanee Radner, and current CEO of the iconic business in Franklin, Michigan tells the story of how they delight customers every fall.

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Photo credit: Audrey Lambert

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