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Will 2021 See a Return to the Office?

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As 2020 wraps up and we begin to look forward to 2021, there is hope on the horizon. While COVID-19 still looms, there is an argument that companies could return to the office in the coming year.

If you plan to get back to the office in 2021, you will need to take health, safety and cleanliness protocols very seriously to protect your staff and clients, and to reduce the further spread of the COVID-19 virus.

As the leader of your business, you may consider a staggered return to the office, giving your employees alternate days to come in and spacing individuals out across the office. If you do plan on getting back to business in person, you must take the necessary steps to ensure that your office is disinfected, not only for the health and wellbeing of your staff, but to avoid sick days and absenteeism that could ultimately impact your company’s bottom line.

When returning to the office, having a regular cleaning schedule with professional cleaners will be incredibly valuable. Taking precautionary measures, such as using ventilation systems, PPE and leaving windows open can be seen as essential measures to stay on top of mandated safety and health measures.

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While you may choose to take a DIY approach, there are many professional hygiene solutions companies, such as Trovex, that can provide a range of products to maximize cleanliness in the office; whether that’s through the use of hygienic surfaces, hand washing stations or cleaning products to remove germs and bacteria.

Either way, both business owners and employees must be mindful if they plan to get back to the office. Small startup teams have a slight advantage, as they are likely to adjust better to the process of going back to work in-office with a smaller staff. On the other hand, large corporate teams, or even those who operate or work at coworking spaces, certainly have a higher risk of being exposed to the virus if these health and safety protocols are not adhered to.

As many entrepreneurs begin to plan for the New Year ahead, now is the time to put those all-important measures into place to keep your staff and any customers or clients healthy and safe. While you could dedicate this role to a member of your team to maintain health and safety protocols, you may want to leave this to the professionals.

The pandemic is still in full swing, so for your startup to thrive in 2021, you must adapt and become a health and safety-focused startup, especially if you plan to bring your team back into the office.

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