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Serial Entrepreneur Presents Alternative Methods for Raising Startup Capital Through Burns Funding

Peter J. Burns III knows how difficult it is to raise capital. As a serial entrepreneur, he has started hundreds of businesses. The most common denominator with most has been a need to raise capital in order to get each business off the ground.

It was this knowledge that led to the creation of Burn$ Funding, an emerging aggregator of non-traditional tools for securing growth capital. Three of those tools in particular stand out.

First, Burns Funding has institutionalized the bridge funding process to help clients reduce credit card debt and obtain a higher credit score. This improved credit score allows Burn$ Funding clients to secure more capital at remarkably low interest rates—in some cases as low as zero percent, for an introductory period of 12 to 21 months.

Second, BurnsFunding has pioneered the use of cost segregation studies to allow commercial real estate owners to generate capital (in the form of tax savings) based on a little-known IRS allowance. A cost segregation study identifies aspects of a property that can be placed on accelerated depreciation life cycles, typically resulting in huge tax savings for eligible property owners.

Third, Burns Funding offers the ability to consolidate multiple loans on income-producing real estate properties. For example, consolidation into a single, low-interest note. This can produce capital by unlocking equity during the loan consolidation process, while also benefiting from reduced interest expense. This solution also dramatically simplifies the borrower’s servicing of the loan, which is of great importance to entrepreneurs who are already busy with day-to-day business priorities.

Dr. Cliff Janke is a client who was lucky enough to experience all three tools offered by Burns Funding. An emergency room physician in the southwestern U.S., he first approached Burns Funding to improve his credit score and secure investment capital. Dr. Janke then consolidated a dozen real-estate loans he had accrued over a 10-year stretch into one cost-efficient loan.

What does Dr. Janke plan to do with the funds he’s raised?

He said he has already made investments in one of Burns’ businesses, focused on residential care homes for people with behavioral issues and for the elderly, both assisted living and memory care.

Dr. Janke wrote about the investment in one of the nation’s leading finance sites for doctors. He is just one of many success stories for Burns Funding, which has been very popular with doctors.

“We have nearly a dozen properties in the Phoenix area (and soon Southern California) that we have acquired or are under contract to purchase,” Burns said. “Some of these properties are already operational. Many others will be up and running in weeks.”

What’s more, Burns is far from finished when it comes to adding tools to his toolbox:

“We’re just getting started,” Burns said. “Growth capital is so hard to get. If an entrepreneur is on the edge of creating a successful business and just needs a little creative financing to dig out of a hole, or grow their business, we are prepared to help.”

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