5 HR Challenges Entrepreneurs Face Today (and How to Overcome Them)

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Raise your hand if you’ve ever heard yourself muttering these words under your breath (or out loud, for that matter):

“They did what?”

“Who quit? Are you kidding me?”

“Please tell me I’m not the only one who has to deal with this [email protected]#$%.”

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Chances are, these utterances are accompanied by something that caught you by surprise. Or that you simply don’t have enough time in a day to get everything done. While there are numerous rewards for creating memorable customer experiences and being your own boss, the business side of entrepreneurship can be challenging.

To help you create efficiencies, and potentially improve your bottom line, here are some common business challenges and ways you can manage them better.

  1. I always seem to be hiring

Whether you opened your doors last week or have been in the biz for years, finding and keeping quality employees is always challenging. You likely have discovered employees along the way who are A-1 keepers. Finding more just like them is key.

First step: Identify the skills you value and use them as a checklist during every interview. It’s also wise to include superstars in the interview process when possible. Showing trust in their judgment means they’ll be more inclined to find others just like them. Having a crew of prime employees makes it easier for everyone, so always look to replicate desirable skills.

Another consideration: Use online tools to help streamline hiring. Having everything at your fingertips — from ad placement to interviews to applicant tracking to onboarding — means you’ll be more efficient and compliant.

  1. The last thing I have time for is employee record keeping

This is especially true during busy seasons, growth spurts or staff shortages. Keeping records, however, is critically important since accurate documentation protects your business should legal issues arise.

The biggest business owner complaint usually surrounds how records are stored and the minutiae required to maintain them. Too many small business owners manage employee records on sticky notes!

Online recordkeeping software, however, lets you hand over much of the input responsibility to employees. This way, records are entered correctly, removing room for capture errors. And having files stored online means you only need to login to find everything you need on every employee.

  1. Planning and juggling shifts feel like a full-time job

Last-minute call outs are part of game, right? It doesn’t have to be.

Technology has come to the rescue for many entrepreneurs who are tired of juggling schedules daily. Time-off request software puts the responsibility into the employees’ hands so they facilitate changes. You start by scheduling shifts and posting them. When employees have sudden conflicts, it’s up to them to use the system ensure all shifts are covered. This improves communication among employees versus always going through managers, and it ensures all conversations are captured within the system.

  1. Disciplining employees always seems reactive, and sometimes ugly

The best way to combat discipline issues is to make sure you have policies in place that clearly outline desirable and undesirable behavior. Creating a policy manual lets you outline expectations, as well as what happens when rules are broken. When employees are aware of consequences up front, you have a better chance of avoiding issues. And when they do occur, simply follow your clearly outlined process for dealing with insubordination.

Your first thought might be “I don’t have time to create a company policy document.” Well, what if it only took a matter of minutes? It’s doable with online resources that help you both create policies and manage discipline.

  1. I wish I had more time to plan for the future

Removing time-wasters is the first step in creating more time in your day. Identify the boring, procedural parts of the daily grind that you can either hand off to responsible employees or facilitate through technology.

Following these tips and the suggested resources will provide more time to focus on what you do best: Create amazing experiences for your customers.

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