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Cosy House is Disrupting the Sleep Industry by Providing a Cure for Customers’ Restless Nights

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Studies show that around 33 percent of Americans are getting less than the recommended seven hours of sleep per night. When your sleep is interrupted and below par, this can have a poor impact on your weight, concentration and mood.

In light of this, many consumers have turned to using bamboo sheets as a way to stay cool and get some much needed rest. The material is gentle and highly breathable, and both department stores and e-commerce platforms alike are quickly stocking bamboo sheets, as they’re becoming the first choice for many consumers.

Bill Fish, co-founder of sleep-focused website, Tuck, said:

“When you buy bed sheets, one typically goes straight for linen, since it tends to be more cooling than cotton sheets and the fabric looks good for years. But for eco-friendliness and breathability, bamboo is a superb choice. It is also good for people with allergies and is gentle and smooth on the skin.”

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Disrupting the sleep industry

The startup and tech industries are seeing a wave of new inventions to help with sleep, from cooling pajamas and weighted blankets to noise defenders and sleep monitoring apps. However, some of the latest products to win over sleepers are bamboo sheets and pillow cases, rather than traditional cotton or linen.

Bamboo is made from the bamboo plant, which is known for being light, soft and breathable. In terms of temperature, bamboo can keep you cool in the heat, and warm in the colder months, making it suitable for all seasons. In addition to helping people sleep through temperature control, bamboo sheets are hypoallergenic and can help produce better quality sleep by reducing stuffiness.

Bamboo sheets are very affordable and are often similar in price to their linen counterparts. Bamboo bed sheets from Cosy House Collection are available from just $60 and include a fitted sheet, flat sheet and two pillow cases, with free delivery.

Some additional actions you can take to improve your quality of sleep include reducing screen usage before bedtime, exercising regularly and avoiding caffeinated drinks in the evening.

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