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Dell Helps Businesses Identify the Best Display Monitor for Each Employee

As companies of all types and sizes struggle to survive and thrive in highly competitive markets, increasing employee productivity can provide a crucial edge. Even small gains, multiplied across all employees, can drive  considerable growth. The less quantifiable benefits can be even greater, as happier, more productive employees are far more likely to deliver exceptional customer experiences — a key to success in the age of the customer.

Dell commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate the role of display monitors on employee productivity and the ability of firms to improve employee experience.

Key findings

  •  IT priorities must better reflect employee expectations.
  • Organizations must be flexible to address the needs of different
  •  The right display monitor will increase employee productivity.

A well thought-out display monitor strategy is crucial for improving employee productivity.

A chasm between CX and EX

Forrester’s customer experience (CX) research demonstrates that CX leaders grow revenue four to 10 times faster than CX laggards. CX leaders are also far more likely to apply CX disciplines and approaches to improving employee experience (EX), including increased investments in employee-facing technologies. Why? Because these leaders know that CX is ultimately in their employees’ hands.

Enabling your workforce with better technology must therefore be part of a broader strategy to foster high performance and increase engagement. Engaged employees willingly invest their time and energy in your business success. Providing them with a clear vision of how they can improve customer outcomes is critical, but not enough. Firms must deliver the right productivity tools to ensure employees can get their work done better and faster. Yet how often do organizations prioritize to equip their workforce for success?

Results from the survey illustrate a chasm. Sixty-two percent of respondents understand the importance of CX and view improving CX as one of their firms’ top three business priorities over the next 12 months. But improving EX is a distant fourth.

This disconnect between CX and EX as strategic priorities negatively impacts employee productivity — only 30% of respondents feel highly productive in their work environment. In a highly competitive market, this is a clear red flag. The good news? Employees know what they need to be more productive. They need technology that helps them.

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