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The Right Entry-Level Servers for Your Small Business

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Entry-level servers can help small businesses manage expenses, improve productivity and reduce organizational complexities.

Dell is here to help with the challenges your unique business might be facing and guide you to the right server technology solutions and assist with reaching your IT goals — no matter how big or small.

Dell’s one-socket PowerEdge servers are built to process data quickly and enable everyday business applications to
run faster and reduce interruptions. These servers are designed for small to medium businesses with increased performance, enterprise-class management and robust security capabilities that make them just as applicable for larger organizations. They come in either a rack form factor that sits in a server rack, or a tower form factor, which looks like the traditional computer.

If you’re wondering how these servers would fit in your office, just remember that a rack server takes up less space in a server room, while a tower server fits easily underneath most desks.

Dell’s four PowerEdge servers ( T140, T340, R240 and R340) feature a couple of new important updates that can help you make the most of your business opportunities.

Download Dell’s white paper below to learn more about how  PowerEdge servers can fulfill your needs.

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