It’s Not Too Late to Join Our Free Dell Webinar on Hardware That Won’t Hold You Back

Do spinning wheels and maxed-out data storage have you stressed about meeting your small business goals? Slow, outdated computer hardware and equipment might be holding you back. Maybe it’s time to upgrade, whether that means adding multiple screens or a more efficient laptop or equipment to work better remotely.

Join StartupNation and Dell Technologies for a FREE LIVE webinar on today’s Enterprise IT products and how they can influence your business.

The conversation starts at 2 p.m. EST on Thursday, Jan. 27.

We regularly upgrade our technology at StartupNation and reached out to Megan Wright of Dell, who will be hosting the webinar and Q&A with Katy Drozd. You’ll get a chance to ask what equipment would best help you reach your goals.

CLICK TO REGISTER FOR THE WEBINAR: Modern Day Technology: Using Hardware to Work Smarter, Not Harder!

We will discuss use cases, management, and benefits of a wide range of topics from basic servers to end point security. Driving home the understanding of where hardware can work to your advantage, you will have an idea of what your next steps are in your technology journey!


  • Learn to utilize servers to centrally manage data, save time and secure your business.
  • Correctly size your network to support the size and bandwidth of your business.
  • Identify opportunities for storing and backing up your important critical company data.
  • Ensure your next steps to secure your entire technology environment to avoid breaches, hackers and viruses.

Katy Drozd is about halfway through her third year at Dell Technologies and about eight months into her role as complex solutions specialist (CSS). She started as a technical sales representative (TSR) after a three-month infrastructure solutions group (ISG) training that gave her tools for success. Two years later, Katy was ready for the next step in her career and found a fit in her current CSS role. Being a CSS, Katy is responsible for larger ISG projects and being an informative resource for her TSR alignment. She is on the sales side of the business engaging on customer calls and furthering her ISG Enterprise knowledge for herself and team.

In this live webinar, you’ll learn about which hardware is right for your business needs. There’s no need to work harder when you can work smarter with help from Dell.

Presentation and Q&A by Katy Drozd, a complex solutions specialist at Dell Technologies.

Introduced by Megan Wright (Dell Technologies)

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