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Study Finds Workers Using Dell Docks Are More Productive

Although there has been a consistent increase in the number of remote workers over the last few years, recent global events have significantly accelerated the transition. This transformation of the workforce doesn’t appear to be temporary. Further, as companies strive to accommodate hybrid home and in-office workforces at corporate locations, stabilizing and streamlining worker PC configurations has become even more critical. That’s where Dell Docks come into play.

Dell Docks help users set up their workspace more than 7 times faster. They offer single-cable connectivity to attach all monitors and peripherals, while also charging the laptop. This vastly simplifies the desk setup process and users are able to get to work more quickly.

In a study with Hot Tech, Dell Docks enabled users to be more productive by making connectivity to multiple monitors and peripheral possible. The data showed that users took 42.5% less time to complete an array of tasks with a Dell Dock than without. This may yield, on average, up to 17 days of additional productive time in an year.

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