Transforming the Workplace with Hybrid Models

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the workplace as we know it, with remote and hybrid work options expected to continue well into the future.

A Prudential “Pulse of the American Worker Survey” found that the top three things that remote workers say employers can do strengthen company culture are:

  • Offer resources to support remote work.
  • Update policies to reflect how work has changed.
  • Increase communication from leaders.

According to this Dell white paper, the success of the transformed workspace will depend on the following factors:

Creating a collaborative, digital workspace

Organizational and cultural behavior influences how people collaborate. So do the tools that you provide. To
enhance collaboration across multiple work environments, your digital workspace needs to combine a great
employee experience with intuitive, seamless tools.

Fostering an engaged and connected culture

Maintaining human-to-human connection is both critical and challenging in a virtual environment. To keep
employees connected to the business and to their coworkers, train managers to keep their teams engaged in
a hybrid environment using such vehicles as virtual communities, internal blogs and portals, personalized home
pages and online forums.

Leveraging intelligent collaboration tools

Effective collaboration takes more than simply embracing a digital-first experience. Intelligent, secure collaboration
tools optimized to support the way individuals work can boost productivity, streamline workflows and enhance
collaboration — whether your people are working from home, at the office or anywhere in between.

Implementing a unified, cloud-based collaboration ecosystem

During the “do it light” phase, many organizations put together a patchwork of applications, services and other
solutions by necessity. The hybrid landscape calls for a unified ecosystem that integrates all the tools and provides
consistent access and experience from anywhere. Cloud-based apps not only provide easy access for employees
but also accelerate deployment and simplify management for IT.

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Transforming workplace Dell white paper

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