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Is It Time for You to Invest in Workplace Personas?

Improve worker experiences and balance costs by moving to a workplace persona-based operating model to provide the right devices, apps and data to your workforce.

Here are three reasons why Workforce Persona Services makes sense for today’s IT organizations by identifying the right devices, apps and data for employees to work at their best:

  • Inspired, engaged employees.
  • Improved technology adoption.
  • Optimized costs for IT and the organization.

Adapt to the changing needs of your modern workforce

IT organizations are increasingly measured on employee experience and net promoter score in addition to costs, however many struggle to understand how to bridge the gap between what IT currently offers vs. what employees actually want. This understanding comes when IT adopts an employee-centric mindset.

When IT focuses on experience, employees are empowered to work smarter, having personalized content, devices, apps and data for anywhere, anytime access.

Understand what the workforce needs

Alignment of IT services, support and devices with the needs of the business becomes optimized with a persona-based operating model. Personas are a recommended mechanism to group employees together in order to optimize decision-making for IT. These groupings by persona make employees feel as if the experience is tailored just for them, making them more productive day one and beyond.

Dell Technologies is here to help you navigate your modern workforce transformation journey. Regardless if you are just getting started or are ready to take personas to the next level, our Workforce Persona Services will help you understand what your workforce needs to perform at their best.

Workforce Persona Strategy Service can help you:

  • Map users to custom defined personas.
  • Identify key technologies required by each persona.
  • Optimize IT costs to align with actual usage.

Learn more in this Dell white paper by clicking below:

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