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5 Reasons Why Your Startup Needs a Virtual Phone System

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The role of an efficient phone system for your startup should not be underestimated. Many customers make their first contact with your business through a phone call. Their first impression makes all the difference, so it pays to put some thought into choosing a phone system. This choice is even more important for a startup that is building up a clientele.

Cloud PBX

When you look for a phone system that is popular among new businesses, you will likely hear about cloud PBX (Private Branch Exchange) or hosted VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solutions, a technology that transmits your calls over the internet.

How exactly can this technology change the face of your startup’s communications?

  1. Frees chains to the office phone

Many entrepreneurs have the freedom to travel and work remotely. At the same time, it’s important to be available for customer service concerns no matter where you are, as many customers are disappointed if their calls get forwarded to voicemail.

VoIP solutions enable you to define call scenarios. For example, if someone is out of office unable to take the call, it is automatically transferred to the next person down the chain. VoIP also enables entrepreneurs to do their job from remote locations, which is great for flexible work while also maintaining great customer service.

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  1. Offers major cost reductions

Savings in phone system costs are important to startups on a budget. Cloud PBX saves you the cost of capital investment in new equipment, as well as the ongoing expense of maintaining and upgrading hardware.

With traditional phone systems, the customer bears the bulk of these costs, but with VoIP, these are the service provider’s responsibility. Call charges are very competitive, with unlimited local and international calls plans available.

  1. Ensures communications continuity and helps to build a positive brand image

We often take the availability of telecommunications for granted, but even with amazing technological progress, natural disasters cannot be prevented. With cloud PBX, your startup’s data can be protected and saved from such destruction, and communications with customers maintained.

The dependability of VoIP communications combined with highly-efficient call handling helps to establish a trustworthy image, which is indispensable to your startup’s success.

  1. Easy to modify as your startup’s needs change

As your startup grows, telecom requirements are likely to expand with you. VoIP systems are easy to modify in order to meet your startup’s changing business needs.

For example, you can add new users or activate additional features. In contrast, updating a typical traditional system with additional users and features is more expensive to activate and includes costly hardware replacement.

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  1. Seamlessly integrates with existing business systems

The ease with which cloud PBX services are integrated with existing business systems adds to this solution’s appeal.

Integrating telecommunications with CRM systems leads to significant increases in productivity and enables your startup to control communication with clients through all stages of the sales process. This integration makes it possible to call clients with a single click, automatically route calls to the appropriate individuals and access valuable call statistics.

If you run a startup and want to learn more about the benefits of VoIP phone systems, the Zadarma Project has the expertise to offer you a customized solution. They provide users in 80 countries with quality and economical business phone systems with virtual numbers, conditional and unconditional call forwarding, and many other advanced features.  

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