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Veteran Launches Price Comparison Website to Help Soldiers Save Money

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Veteran Alfie Usher recently launched a new price comparison website specifically designed to help those who serve in the Armed Forces get the best deals on insurance and financial options possible. Usher, founder of Forces Compare, has served in Afghanistan twice, and has been under the Parachute Regime for nearly a decade.

Forces Compare helps soldiers get better prices

Forces Compare is aimed at both those who currently serve and have served to find insurance products at competitive prices, while accommodating the unique circumstances being in the military brings.

“The idea came after I was adjusting back into civilian life,” Usher said. “Whilst being in the military, a lot is taken care of for you in terms of meals, accommodation and travel, but as soon as you start living off base and need insurance for your car, home or holidays, the costs really add up. Because soldiers are often in different locations, they are considered a greater risk to insure (to some insurers) and therefore, the costs for basic car insurance or travel insurance are exorbitantly high.”

To help soldiers get better prices for their insurance covers, Usher has partnered with a range of different U.K. insurers that consider the unique lifestyle factors that come with serving in the Armed Forces.

Forces Compare accesses hundreds of quotes on a variety of different coverage options, including military contents, travel, motor, bike, pet, personal accident and military kit insurance. All of these can be accessed by those who serve, or have served, by completing one simple online form.

In addition to great deals on coverage, Forces Compare also works with providers of motor finance and military mortgage brokers, helping its customers find both insurance and finance that works for them.

“It has taken some time, but Forces Compare has been able to save some soldiers as much as £700 on their fully comp car insurance policies per annum,” Usher said. “We have also been able to find lenders who can offer short-term loans to people in the Army and the rates are good, too. Our price comparison is open to the whole of the U.K., and that includes civilians, too. But if you happen to be in the Armed Forces, you will not be discriminated as a result.”

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Forces Compare also helps military personnel with their compensation claims, be it for mis-sold loans, travel or tax bills.

“Specifically in travel, if you are summoned to an Army base across the country and travel home regularly, you could claim tax relief for this,” Usher said. “If you have been serving for years and traveling hundreds of miles a week, you could be owed a few thousand pounds.”

Forces Compare is available to the general public, although it is geared specifically toward helping those in the Armed Forces find deals that accommodate their lifestyles. Usher said he is keeping an eye on opportunities for helping  other types of groups get better deals, including policemen, nurses, civil servants and the elderly.

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