New E-Commerce Tool Yottled Helps Small Businesses Shift to Online Operations

E-commerce trends emerging from the pandemic

From steel buying to online retail, e-commerce has quickly developed into a sophisticated new growth space for business due to the COVID-19 pandemic pushing business operations online. In fact, moving sales mostly online is now essential for many companies to stay in business. So far the trends show every sign of sticking around long term to create lasting change in how the world does business.

According to BazaarVoice’s e-commerce trend report, the Shopper Experience Index 2021, post-pandemic, “digital comes first, brick and mortar second.” Additionally, Shopify’s report on the future of e-commerce says that brands are succeeding in a marketplace shifting rapidly online by “automated shipping and fulfillment” and “richer, more personalized experiences.”

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Yottled creates an e-commerce tool for small business

If you’re a small business owner, how do you make this jump if you’re not tech savvy? Now more than ever, companies need simple solutions for better online sales platforms, remote scheduling and event hosting, and managing customer relationships. The good news is, you don’t have to piece together everything yourself and find all the right tools for each part of the process.

New e-commerce tools such as scheduling and CRM platform, Yottled, can host everything from your company website and events to payments and scheduling while automating the process of keeping in touch with your clients.

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Why your company needs a better online customer experience

Online stores can be hosted on Amazon, right? Can’t you just schedule appointments using Calendly? These days, companies are more often looking to integrate their e-commerce platform on their own website, and to build their own communities and manage customer communication all in one place for a better, more personalized brand experience. This means you need a solution that allows you to create a store or appointment and event scheduling on your own website where customers can find you, and automate a complex process very quickly to keep operations seamless.

If you sell products or services that doesn’t fit in a traditional online shop, there is a great new solution. Yottled was designed with these types of businesses in mind; ones that want to focus on running their business, not emailing clients payment links.

You can run an entire small business online using the Yottled platform. That’s because the tool helps you manage your client list and host and charge for events on any video platform from Zoom to Google Meet. From real estate to yoga, small business owners across a variety of industries are now using Yottled to manage their client interactions.

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How the Yottled platform looks in action

Each Yottled page gets a branded personal website and URL. You’re able to list events, content and appointments with zero hassle. Yottled helps you accept payments online, tracks your customers and handles all of your marketing.

Your Yottled page is split into four sections, including:

  • Events, for group events
  • Book Time With Me, for one-on-one appointments
  • Content, for listing digital goods
  • Memberships, for choosing access levels to your services and content

Hosting digital content

Yottled helps you even monetize digital content. List pre-recorded video, data sheets, books and more. It’s a flexible solution for businesses that don’t fit into the traditional online store. If you have content, Yottled can help you get up and running fast, zero plugins or third parties required. It’s an all-in-one solution for your business.

Affordable small business solutions

The Yottled platform is designed for small businesses of one to 15 people who provide a service online. This could even be remote customer discovery meetings or sales webinars. You decide which events to host online or in person, what to charge and when to schedule. Yottled then keeps track of registrations and helps you connect with your customers more effectively. It’s a simple monthly fee, flexible by the size of your business.

Get started for free and learn how Yottled is a complete business management solution for small business owners.

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