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Picture this: You’re in your hotel room in Vegas. You want to party BEFORE you even get down to the strip. You think, a Cosmo (=the popular martini beloved by women) would be great right now…

You open your mini-bar and voila! There waiting to delight your thirst is a prepackaged collection of mixed drinks. And they’re made by Cocktails by Jenn.

The website for Cocktails by Jenn tells the story well — and has "fun, fun, fun" written all over it. And "clever, clever, clever," too.

They’ve recognized that if there’s a market for those tiny ABSOLUT bottles in the minibar, there’s also a market for the ever popular recipes of martinis like the Cosmo.

The packaging is fun, the word-of-mouth factor is fantastic, and their distribution strategy takes them beyond places like Ceasar’s Palace into many of the usual liquor store locations you’d expect to find alcoholic beverages. And the packaging caters strongly to women – something i haven’t seen much of in the alcoholic beverages arena. But remember, girls just want to have fun!

See their press release to learn about how they’ve positioned themselves and how they’ve taken a category like "drinks"–something that’s been around forever–and carved out their own niche.

They remind us of Method Products and what Adam Lowry and Eric Ryan did with soap. Like Method, Cocktails by Jenn has taken a tired category and given it a major jolt of NEW.

And that’s cool.

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