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Summer Side Hustle: Turn Your DIY Skills into a Profitable Venture

Whether you’re a crafty person or not, there’s no denying it’s easier to make money when you enjoy what you’re doing. While many people spend the summer months relaxing on their couch or at the beach, there are other ways to make some extra cash that don’t require too much effort.

If you’re interested in making DIY projects this summer and selling them online or locally, here are some tips for making money off of your creativity.

Write down a list of things you’d like to make

Begin your list with items that are easy to make, fun for you, and popular with people. Ideally, the project will be one you are passionate about, so it won’t even feel like “work.” Better yet, if your product is one that resonates well with the public, then you’ll likely have an easier time selling it and making money off your creation.

Additionally, think about how much people will pay for what you’re making. Do research online and discuss with friends and family to get an accurate picture of how much your work is worth.

Depending on the scope of your products, you could be able to make an extra $100-$200 a month just by selling your crafts online or to your local community. This is one of the best ways to start making money from home.

Set a deadline for yourself

Deadlines can keep you focused, prioritize your tasks, and get things done in a timely manner. They also help to avoid procrastination, which is a serious problem for many people.

You don’t have to set an unrealistic deadline (e.g., “I’ll finish all of these projects by tomorrow!”), but you should set a gradual goal for yourself and then work towards it. This will help you stay on track with all of your projects and keep you from falling far behind in your progress.

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Choose your supplies

If you don’t have the tools needed for a project, find out what you need and purchase them. A great way to buy supplies for a DIY project while on a budget is through purchasing materials with a credit card.

Credit cards allow you to earn rewards, points, and can gradually build up savings, all while spending. If you want to save even more during this process, you might want to apply for a credit card with no annual fee. Completing multiple DIY projects at once might call for a large amount of supplies to be bought, but credit cards are a great tool to lessen the financial burden of these creative tasks.

Ask people what they want to buy from you

Asking people what they want to buy from you is another great way to make money. If you know someone who’s good at making things, or if you have a skill yourself, offer your services as a “gift-maker.” You could offer up homemade cards for birthdays and other occasions, or maybe even some personalized gifts for people’s homes (like pillows with their dog’s face on them).

If there are any DIY projects in particular that come up often during conversations with friends and family members, ask if they’re interested in having one made by someone else–you! Make sure the things on your list are easy enough for anyone who likes doing projects at home; otherwise no one will want them done by someone else. And don’t forget: Make sure there’s enough demand before committing yourself.

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Consider how much time it will take to make your projects

You need to consider the time and effort you will put into creating your products. For example, if you’re making jewelry using beads and wire, you might have to spend a lot of hours twisting the wires together in intricate patterns or braiding threads onto different types of stringing material in order to create necklaces and bracelets. This can take a lot out of anyone! Make sure not to overwhelm yourself.

Additionally, consider how much money it costs for supplies like paint brushes or glue sticks when planning out what DIY projects would be best suited for selling online as well as at local craft fairs and markets.

Sell items you previously purchased

Do you have used clothing, home furniture, or kitchen appliances that you no longer need or you feel are outdated? Although this isn’t a DIY project in the typical sense of the phrase, the process of reselling items through a garage sale or Facebook Marketplace is another great way to make money off your items.

Items you don’t need anymore may be highly valued by someone else. Instead of just throwing away these items, you can make some money back, even if it ends up being less than what you originally paid for it.

The SuN Takeaway

Thanks to the internet, it’s easier than ever to make money from your favorite hobbies. You don’t have to be a professional craftsman or artist–just someone with a passion for DIY projects who wants to turn that passion into profit.

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