Online Marketing Keys Continued 11-15

I’m back today to bring you more keys to online marketing.
Several of these tips concern advertising your business, product, or service
once you create your email newsletter.

Keys to Online Marketing 11-15*

11.  Supplement
your affiliate advertising with both online and traditional advertising. Track
your results by doing frequent Return on Investment (ROI) checks.

12.  Advertise
using several channels like Cost-per-Click (CPC) or Cost-per-Mil (CPM) to build
brand recognition. However, remember that profitability should always come
before having your brand recognized.

13.  Offer
yourself as a resource to the media as an expert in your niche.

14.  If you have
a business, hire a great publicity firm or bring an experienced publicist in-house
to assist you with your advertising campaigns.

15.  Use
Autoresponders to maintain constant contact with prospective customers. If you
use an email marketing service like iContact, you can effortlessly keep your
brand and message in front of your current and potential clients by properly
using Autoresponders.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you will find these tips to
be helpful. The final installment of the top twenty keys to online marketing
will be coming later on in the week.

*Taken from Zero
to One Million: How to Build a Company to One Million Dollars in Sales

(McGraw-Hill) by Ryan Allis.


Ryan Allis

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