4 Reasons to Base Your Startup in a Resort Town

Founders of businesses rooted in software-as-a-service and other modern technologies often feel the need to base their businesses in large metropolitan areas and cities known as technology corridors.

Doing business in an environment rich with other companies that sport those truncated, conjoined, or intentionally misspelled techie monikers somehow tends to foster both excitement and confidence among founders.

That said, here are four reasons you might want to consider setting up shop in a resort town instead.

1. To build a loyal team of talented renegades

The aforementioned mindset for choosing a business location is somewhat understandable. Founders can often find moral support from fellow entrepreneurs in established technology corridors, and knowledgeable employees tend to be plentiful amidst such urbanity; however, one shouldn’t forget there are challenges that go along with operating against such technologically savvy backdrops as well.

At times, the competition is merely brutal rather than supportive, and employees may readily jump ship for companies willing and able to pay them more than their current employer. It is, after all, a sound strategy for employees to find opportunities at startups and then use the skills they learn on the job to make a move to more established companies or even to better funded startups.

Founders who choose to base their businesses in an alternative location such as a resort town may inspire greater loyalty among their employees by embracing the mindset of a true pioneer and renegade.

2. Resort town life has a lot to offer without the big city hangups

Resort towns offer great restaurants, shopping, and nightlife comparable to the offerings of much larger areas. They provide these amenities while boasting a far smaller year-round population and lower cost of living than bigger cities.

Conversely, they offer unique attractions that even major metropolitan areas tend to lack. Amusement and theme parks, elaborate miniature golf courses, casinos, water parks, and seven day a week live entertainment options are just a few of the attractions that resort towns tend to offer in abundance that most cities don’t.

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3. Pleasant climates and good health

Resort towns tend to offer pleasing climates and superior options for outdoor activities. They’re often situated close to the coast and near other natural environments that promote healthy outdoor activities from swimming to mountain biking. In some cases, they also have fewer immediate sources of pollution such as local factories and possibly a degree of clean air arriving from the ocean or air that benefits from the cleansing qualities of abundant trees in the region.

At any rate, the sources of encouragement for staying true to one’s chosen exercise regimen are promising compared with constantly reminding yourself that you’re paying that monthly gym fee (which you would probably rather be spending on lattes anyway).

4. Balance of remote and local employees

If you have concerns about recruiting top talent, remember that finding the right fit for a role is now a process that can take place both locally and in a remote fashion. Remote employees can close the gap on any hiring needs that you may have, and they are highly productive as long as you have effective internal communications and project management paradigms in place.

Also, you may find that top talent is inclined to move to a resort town rather than remaining stuck in the bland suburbs of a more traditional technology hub.

The SuN Takeaway

Whatever choices you make as a founder, you make at your own risk; consequentially, there are no guarantees of success no matter what path you take or where you choose to stand your ground in the world of commerce. That said, if you’re the kind of person who is looking for a greater balance of work and play, along with the potential to make a positive impact in a community with few knowledge companies, it might make a good deal of sense to plant your proverbial stakes in a resort town.

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