Cool Company of the Day:

Alright, those of you who want to start up a business but have no experience doing the actual kind of work that that business entails… this one’s for you: Vocation Vacations.

They’re based in Oregon but serve up job stints all across the country (and beyond) at the kinds of businesses people typically only dream of calling their own.

We love this idea because it can bring aspiring entrepreneurs closer to the realities of a business they might actually start some day.

You can be a private investigator, a dog trainer, an artist’s apprentice, a sous chef – pretty much anything you’re dreaming of, you can experiment with for a few short days or a longer stretch.

Yes, YOU pay to do these jobs (instead of being paid), but it’s worth it! Think of the experience you can drum up and the knowledge of what’s really involved – this can go a long way in shaping your vision for your own "dream" business.

To be sure they press your "cool buttons," Vocation Vacations provides a great list of available jobs, and they also display a slew of testimonials – both great tactics to build confidence and relevance among prospective customers.

Cool in concept, cool in practice. Check them out! And if you find yourself looking into this particular dream job vacation, don’t be surprised if you bump into one of us Sloan brothers out there on the range…

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