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We recently recieved a call for help (via our “Contact Us” button) from a fellow entrepreneur named Jim. Here’s what he wrote:

message: Jeff/Rich:

So, do I just let it fold?

I started my passion play 18 months ago that I’ve been thinking about for
3-4 years. Wireless Tech Radio is a one hour per week live streamed talk show about wireless industry and technology.

I recruited great, known co-hosts and we produce solid , insightful, educational content each week. we earned good reviews in the industry and some advertising support. But not enough to pay the bills. We’ve proven the production model and ability to deliver content, on plan, but we have not been able to monetize it sufficiently. The original idea was to prove this works, and replicate it among obvious other content areas with demand for current information via streamed format. We have archived content, we now podcast, too. We are unique in our specific focus on audio content for the wireless industry. There are other news/content portals but no one else doing audio, yet.

I funded all the start-up costs from my savings. And now my real job employer has closed my office as a result of a merger and cost cutting.
Of course, the new stress of unemployment on my wife and family is incredible. She, understandably, insists on 125% focus on job-hunting so that the mortgage can be covered and savings drain stopped.

You’d think it would be a perfect time to put tremendous effort into building sales efforts and eyeballs required to attract more advertisers, but I can’t with the domestic pressure. I have carved out time while traveling on job interviews to plan proposals to a few large corps who are pouring money into this space for underwriting an effort specifically focused on their markets and interests. But, the corporate response is not overwhelming.

One of my co-hosts, Steve Stroh, is a good writer and good content guy, but as a freelance write he, too, faces the need to find stable source of income. We’re just under the power curve, looking at all the things we could do nationally and internationally with the addition of adequate funding.

I think I’ll be fortunate in finding a paying job within the next month and have explained the demands that new job will likely have to my co-host partners. But I feel the bright light of doing the thing I love to do being extinguished. The concept may be able to creep on as I’m finding a lowcost way to outsource most of it without my involvement.

I thought I’d reach out to you both in case there are fresh ideas on how to develop near term financial support to keep content development fresh (funding to Steve) and our project intact. Perhaps there could be grant funding from some sources like NPR or RUS or others who are interested in our vehicle for distributing information and knowledge.

I hope this is an interesting challenge that merits some of your time for assistance. This is a bit of a stretch but understanding that one never knows where connections will lead I thought I’d reach out to you. Media, advertising, sales advice needed.

Warm regards,


Wireless Tech Radio

Do you have any smart recommendations or leads for Jim?

Fellow entrepreneurs to the rescue!

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