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How Cloud Technology Enables Budding Entrepreneurs to Work Smarter

There is no doubt that cloud technology continues to grow in popularity; we’re using it in our personal lives more than ever before, and businesses are adopting cloud infrastructure and applications to improve workplace collaboration, productivity and even security. Paving the way for a new wave of business leaders One great thing about the cloud...
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6 Ways to Improve Your Startup’s Efficiency with Technology

Modern technology can often be a distraction in our personal lives. However, when it comes to being an entrepreneur, it can be instrumental in helping you run a more streamlined operation. Here are six tips to help you improve the efficiency and overall performance of your business with the use of technology. Integrate your systems...
online business
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4 Common Traits of an Online Business That Scales

Any entrepreneurial individual loves the idea of starting a business. In particular, a business that allows him or her to sit back and pursue their life’s endeavors while the money flows in. With the increasing prevalence of the internet, self-sustaining businesses that scale are becoming increasingly easier to attain. An online business that's designed to...
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Why Investors (and You) Need to Care About Cybersecurity

It makes sense that startups tend to underestimate cybersecurity. After all, they are small targets with limited amounts of data to steal. Many entrepreneurs believe that they are not even on hackers' radar. That attitude is understandable, but unfortunately, it's also inaccurate. More than half of the 28 million small businesses in America have been...
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5 Reasons Why Your Startup Needs a Virtual Phone System

The role of an efficient phone system for your startup should not be underestimated. Many customers make their first contact with your business through a phone call. Their first impression makes all the difference, so it pays to put some thought into choosing a phone system. This choice is even more important for a startup...
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6 Reasons Your Small Business Should Embrace Online HR Software

If someone was to watch you run your business, what would they see? An entrepreneur scrambling to keep up, buried in a mountain of paperwork and putting out fires as they erupt? Or a business with clear, organized processes, relying on simple online software to get things done quickly and efficiently? The choice is yours....