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Starting a Coaching Business Isn’t Easy: Here’s How to Do it Successfully

Entrepreneurs offering life and business coaching seem to be popping everywhere. It’s clearly a hot field; but with no barrier to entry, anyone with an internet connection can be a coach. Not everyone, however, will be a good one or a successful one. These advisors in The Oracles have made millions through their coaching businesses. Here’s their...
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8 Business Titans Reveal the Best Social Media Tactics to Promote Your Company

If you aren’t promoting your business on social media, you’re asleep at the wheel. Here’s what eight social media masters and advisors in The Oracles told us about the channels and tactics that impact their businesses most. Understand the platforms   There’s definitely a science to social media. Consider what each platform can do for you and...
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8 Highly Successful Entrepreneurs Share Their Best Advice for Getting Customers to Buy Your Product (No Matter What it Costs)

Price is one of the most crucial considerations in any business, and it’s important to charge what you’re worth. We asked these master salespeople, including Bulletproof founder, Dave Asprey, and advisors in The Oracles, how to convince customers your price is worth it — especially when you charge a premium. 1. Offer a quality product and...
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How 12 Successful Business Titans Set Themselves Apart From the Competition

Personally and professionally, it's harder than ever to stand out and make yourself heard. These industry leaders and advisors in The Oracles reveal how they differentiate themselves from their biggest competition. 1. Solve a problem and know your business inside out "To separate yourself from the pack, you have to solve a problem for your customers. Then...
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Where’s the Accountability?

Happy 2012 StartUpNation! As I wrap up Week #1 of this fabulous brand new year, I thought I would check in with all of you.... Have you set your Main Goal(s) for 2012? More important, How do you plan to hold yourself accountable to your Goal(s)? That is the kicker with goals.  You can make...
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Do you have a network? (not the “Do you hear me now?” type)

I am big on the importance of finding a mentor and creating a support network as a mompreneur, entrepreneur, solopreneur, or whatever-preneur.  I do not mean the same type of support network that we have with our close friends and family, but rather a group of individuals or peers that share ideas with one another...