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7 Types of Business Insurance Your Startup Might Need

From the beginnings of any startup, there is always exposure to risk no matter what industry you’re in. Even before you hire your first employee, your business can be liable without the right insurance plan in place. Startups are in special need of protection from lawsuits because just one catastrophic event could be more than...
Business insurance
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Business Insurance Essentials for New Entrepreneurs

You have always been a dreamer. Now that you’ve graduated from college, you put your dreams into motion and started your own business. At this point, you have a great idea, an excellent team and the capital you need to set up shop. Now, it’s all about protecting yourself, your workers and your business with...
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How Much Risk is Too Much? When to Look for Business Insurance Savings

As a business owner, you know you need to have business insurance to protect your company from risk and liability. However, you do not necessarily need to purchase a policy that covers every type of risk. Instead, you can pick and choose to end up saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars every year. There...
Business insurance
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The 3 Key Factors That Influence Business Insurance Rates

Business insurance is essential to a properly functioning company. It can protect you when accidents occur, as well as give you peace of mind that you’re covered at all times. If your business insurance rates are rather pricey, you’d probably like to know how to lower them. The following are some factors that will influence...
Crime and theft insurance
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Crime and Theft Insurance: Why They are Treated Differently

As a small business owner, you surely have property insurance, which covers a wide array of circumstances, including some instances of theft. But do you know where your coverage ends and vulnerability begins? Believe it or not, crime and theft insurance are not interchangeable, and your property insurance may not provide the coverage you need....
Business Insurance
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Risk Management: How to Manage Business Insurance

Risk management is a must for any business, whether you realize it or not. Business owners have a number of different ways to manage the risk associated with their company, including: Retention: you can carry the risk and liabilities yourself. If something happens, you pay for it yourself. Avoidance: let’s say your business has three...
Business Interruption Insurance
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After the Fire: Business Interruption Insurance Explained

Property insurance for your business might seem straightforward and all encompassing, but what if a disaster interrupts your business? Things get more complicated. Business interruption insurance (also known as business income insurance) is crucial for your business to be able to survive fire, wind or other disasters, and there are several items to consider to...