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Alana Stott is a protector and problem solver. A professional bodyguard, former Mrs. Scotland, entrepreneur, CEO, writer, producer, podcaster, and lifelong philanthropist; she will be In receiving the honoured distinction of MBE (Member of The Most Excellent Order of The British Empire) from King Charles in July 2023 for her services advocating for vulnerable women and mental health awareness. When she is not working on her books, she is coordinating evacuations of women in Afghanistan, taking down sex traffickers and dealing with war crimes tribunals. The founder of Wolfraven Inc., she is using her media platform to share inspirational stories while advocating for causes that improve the world. She and her husband, Dean, have three children and live in California.
Alana Stott's "How To Ask For Money"
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How to Overcome FEAR And Ask for Money

It doesn’t matter who you are or how much of it you have, people don’t like to talk about money, much less ask for it. Over her two decades of experience raising funds for organizations,...