Alex Song

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Alex Song is the founder and CEO of Innovation Department, a tech and investment company that creates and develops e-commerce and media brands. Previously, Alex worked at Goldman Sachs and Pershing Square.
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How to Determine if Your Product Idea is Business Worthy

Every new product or business starts with an idea. Hopefully, this idea will be the seed for success and given the proper care and maintenance to bloom. But how do entrepreneurs determine if their idea is worth taking to the next level? Coming up with a unique idea is one thing, but transforming that idea...
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How Partnerships Can Elevate Your Startup’s Brand

When your brand is in the startup phase, one of the biggest challenges is growing your audience, let alone doing so cost-effectively. Traditional paid channels like social media and marketing campaigns require significant purse strings, and the ROI is far from guaranteed. But through partnerships, two brands can come together to grow their audiences in...