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Ali Brown is a self-made millionaire and Inc. 500-ranked entrepreneur. She teaches women around the world how to start and grow profitable businesses that make a positive impact. Get her FREE CD "Top 10 Success Secrets for Entrepreneurial Women" and weekly articles at
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Stay Professional While Working at Home

One of the benefits of a home office is never having to wear a scratchy wool suit or pantyhose (unless you want to). The danger is that it’s easy to let that professional image slide...
B2G product marketing
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Your Fortune is in the Follow-Up

Most business owners are good at pitching clients or reaching out to new customers. It’s the follow-up where they fall down. Why? Because they figure, “If they wanted my product, they’d finish the transaction,” or...
affluent clients
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4 Techniques to Attract Affluent Clients

Everyone wants to attract affluent clients for their business – why not sell to those who have the money to spend? But not everyone knows how to gain these clients successfully. Moving from a general...
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5 Ways to Beat Burnout

Juggling a million projects at once, burning the midnight oil, and traveling nonstop may sound like roads to success. But they’re also a recipe for burnout.     Once you reach that point, it can be...
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5 Strategies to Thrive in the New Economy

Flash back to summer 1975: picture a white sandy beach with gentle summer breezes and inviting crystal, blue water. But wait, hardly anyone is swimming. Why? A blockbuster movie with two memorable musical notes and...