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Amanda Triest is the managing partner of Cardinal Communications, an integrated marketing agency specializing in brand building and reputation management for corporate and nonprofit organizations, as well as subject matter experts.
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7 Simple Reasons Your Social Posts Are Falling Flat

Each year, social media becomes more and more popular. While the platforms may change, the power that social has to grow your business remains steadfast. Let’s face it, if you’re not on social media, your business is most likely not even close to reaching its maximum potential. Social media has a catch though. You can’t...
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What is Cryptocurrency and Should Your Business Use It?

Cryptocurrency, also known as crypto, is a type of anonymous digital or virtual currency that, unlike other forms of currency, is not backed by any central authority or government. While the currency is not backed by a traditional source, like the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or FDIC, crypto is secure thanks to blockchain, an ongoing,...
direct mail
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5 Reasons to Consider Using Direct Mail to Grow Your Business in 2022

In thinking about different advertising mechanisms that you could use to promote your business, most business owners think about the digital options – social media advertising, electronic billboards and native online advertising on websites frequented by your target audience. While digital advertising certainly has its place in your marketing mix, direct mail is one form...
successful PR
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7 Essentials for Successful PR in 2022

Public relations and the ways in which we communicate are constantly evolving. As you look toward a new year for your business, it’s important to keep new and essential PR tools top of mind as they have the ability to make your outreach and engagement efforts easier and faster than ever before. In this article,...
media coverage
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6 Ways to Create News that Attracts Media Coverage

A steady stream of media coverage is one of the best ways to ensure that you are keeping your business visible and relevant. While product launches, mergers and multimillion dollar-acquisitions grab attention and often take the spotlight in news, they aren’t always going to be available to share from your company. So when your company’s...
crisis communications
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5 Reasons Why Startups Need to Create a Crisis Communications Plan Now

A crisis can happen to any business at any time. While planning for a crisis may seem quite ironic, given that the very definition of the word is something that happens unexpectedly, it is incredibly important that business owners invest in creating a crisis communications plan. A thoughtful and well-crafted plan has the potential to...
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Business Awards: A Guide to Selecting an Award and Crafting a Winning Submission

Securing third-party recognition and validation of your efforts and achievements through business awards can be very valuable in helping establish credibility and a positive reputation for your business. If you’re interested in trying to win business awards, the first step is simple: research. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of different award opportunities for your...
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How Philanthropy Can Create an Impact for Your Business Beyond Profits

Philanthropy. Corporate giving. Social responsibility. These are a few of the different terms that are used by businesses to define their approach to giving back. Don’t be fooled by the jargon. All of these terms lead to the same result: using a business to leave the world a better place.  Regardless of what you want...
media interview
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Hit a Home Run Media Interview with These 11 Tips

Media coverage is a smart way to build exposure for your startup. A positive media interview about your business can help not only increase your visibility and build a solid reputation, but it also has the power to help you achieve your goals, like boosting your brand and increasing sales. Securing media coverage for your...
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Clubhouse Explained and 4 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Find an Invite

When you think about social media, what comes to mind first? It’s likely that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn are your first thoughts. Perhaps you also thought about TikTok, Pinterest, YouTube or Reddit. It’s hard to keep up with the many new social media apps sprouting up on a regular basis and can sometimes be...
PR plan
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6 Free and Low-Cost Resources to Help You Create and Execute a PR Plan

Developing and executing a public relations (PR) plan is one of the best things you can do for your startup. Public relations is too often left out of business plans, as its purpose is often misunderstood, and business owners don’t truly understand its value. One of the most common reasons that business owners fail to...
press kit
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How to Build a Press Kit for Your Startup

If you’re interested in garnering visibility for your business now, or in the future, you’ll want a press kit. Alternatively referred to as a media kit, press kits can be one of the most valuable resources that you invest time and money into, as they consist of elements that you will use over and over...