Amy Shim

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Amy has played a key role in providing service and support to large U.S. institutional investors and technology companies. Prior to Tekcapital, she was responsible for account management, and institutional client relations at Western Asset Management. Previously, she worked within the corporate finance group at Moody’s Investors Service in New York, specializing in issuer relations. In that role, she was involved in the development of the infrastructure and processes used to create Moody’s global middle office operations. Additionally, Amy has served as a strategic adviser and consultant to several innovative companies developing low carbon vehicles. Since 2012, Amy has been a court-appointed special advocate for abused and neglected children via Casa of Los Angeles. She holds a BA degree in economics from Smith College and an MBA from the University of Oxford, with a concentration in technology strategy and marketing.
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Developing a New Product? Get an Outsider’s Opinion First

Startups and entrepreneurs creating innovative technologies are understandably protective of their processes and soon-to-be-released products. Giving away their competitive advantage would have devastating effects on their business. This secretive nature can result in a very guarded culture in which insiders are the only ones trusted to discuss the details of their company. These beliefs, although...
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To Patent or Not to Patent: A Guide to Protecting Your Products

Every company that is inventing new products faces one all-important question: should you patent your idea? Unauthorized use of your business’s intellectual property can seriously undercut your profits, which is why many entrepreneurs believe they must patent any product they create. However, the issue isn’t always so cut and dry. Startup environments are highly competitive,...