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Anne MacRae has been in the factoring, trade financing and asset based lending industry since 2006 and​ is currently the Vice President of Business Development with Express Business Funding, a leading​ factoring and ABL company. Prior to EBF, she held senior sales roles with Trade Finance​ Solutions and the Interface Financial Group. Having owned her own business in the past, Anne brings a​ deep understanding of the challenges entrepreneurs face in obtaining financing and has used this​ experience to help hundreds of clients secure funding to grow their businesses. Anne has a B.A. from​ the University of Waterloo, sits on the board of directors of the International Factoring Association,​ Canada Chapter, and is a regular contributor on panels and in publications on alternative lending.
woman standing at a boutique store for a story on traits of an entrepreneur
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10 Common Traits of an Entrepreneur

Many people dream of being an entrepreneur, especially in times like today when economic volatility has led to deep layoffs in the tech sector and general job insecurity in other industries. They see themselves choosing...