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Anthony Ng Monica is founder and CEO of Swogo, a revolutionary technology that enables retailers to automatically offer best-in-class product bundle recommendations. Using a unique approach that focuses on understanding a retailer’s product assortment, Swogo, with its Product Graph™ technology, has been a pioneer in the fields of e-commerce and customer experience. Over the past seven years, Anthony has helped leading retailers like Decathlon, Sephora and El Corte Ingles in over 30 countries around the world to drive profitable growth. He is a strong customer success advocate, having secured renewals of 100 percent of their customer base.
client retention
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The Dos and Don’ts of Client Retention

One of the most powerful growth engines is net negative churn. When you have net negative churn, the additional revenue generated from existing customers month over month outpaces the revenue lost through cancellations and downgrades....