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Anthony Quinones holds a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting and has over 20 years experience working in the publishing, insurance, nonprofit and startup spaces. He launched Interim CFOs because he knows there are many founders who want to make a difference but are weighed down by all the other stuff – like accounting. Now, he helps startups, creatives and nonprofits to get their finances in order so they can make their dreams come to life.
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4 Questions Every Entrepreneur Must Ask Themselves

Time is the most important asset you have. Unlike money, once you’ve spent it, you can’t get it back, and how you spend it is important. They say time is money, but time is your dream. When you’re running a startup, you’re in the dream business. And every minute you can spend on your dream...
money mistakes
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4 Common New Business Money Mistakes (and How to Avoid Making Them)

Every new business is different and each has its unique sets of challenges. Starting, building and managing a business is not easy; and while not all mistakes are fatal, some have a profound impact on the foundation of your business. From personal experience and working with startups, creatives and nonprofits, I see four common new...