Arvind Raichur

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Arvind Raichur is the co-founder and CEO of MrOwl, a community interest engine that allows people to discover, create, collaborate and share internet topic playlists about the things that inspire them every day. Prior to the web categorization we have grown to depend on today, he co-founded and, online attorney and legal directories that built communities around legal information. At the time, information on attorneys was not disseminated in an organized way. He had a vision and created easy-to-use directories that thrived for many years before they were sold to Internet Brands, Inc. in 2010. Arvind has continued to redefine the way consumers use the internet with his latest company, MrOwl, where users can find new interests, get inspired, collaborate on topics they love, and organize their content all in one place as a part of a connected community curated by real people like them. Arvind attended the University of New Mexico where he graduated with a double B.A. in economics and political science and a Juris Doctorate. As the CEO of MrOwl, Arvind has been a frequent speaker on internet trends and has become a recognized leader in driving his companies to become one of New Mexico's Best Places to Work.