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Andreas Widmer is a seasoned entrepreneur with a passion for helping business professionals find deeper meaning in their work and sustainable success through principled entrepreneurship. In his book, The Art of Principled Entrepreneurship: Creating Enduring Value (Matt Holt, 2022), Andreas shares his philosophy in a practical guide on how to start and do business in a way that’s both virtuous and profitable. In 2015, he was appointed the clinical professor in entrepreneurship at the Catholic University of America’s Busch School of Business, and also serves as an advisor to both the Zermatt Summit and Transforming Business. He is the director and founder of The Art & Carlyle Ciocca Center for Principled Entrepreneurship.
art of principled entrepreneurship
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What Is Entrepreneurship and Can It Be Taught?

Excerpt from "The Art of Principled Entrepreneurship: How to Create Enduring Value" by Andreas Widmer (Matt Holt Publishing, 2022).   It’s difficult to teach an art. Perhaps the most one can do is describe Principled...