Brandon Amoroso

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Brandon is the founder and CEO of electrIQ Marketing, a leading agency that scales brands with profitable e-commerce models built from innovative proprietary methods. Brandon focuses on strategies that increase customer lifetime value by creating best-in-class consumer experiences backed by data. His unique approach to business has empowered the electrIQ team to take full ownership of their expertise, cultivating a non-traditional purpose-focused culture that has enabled exponential growth during a global pandemic and workplace crisis.
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Gen Z’s Mindset of Purpose Fuels a New Business Model

In September 2021, 4.4 million Americans quit their jobs. We’re hearing about the Great Resignation everywhere--on TikTok and Forbes and everything in between. The industries affected are vast, and the reasons are highly variable. The common denominator, however, seems to be that there is a widespread shift in mindset among American workers that may no...