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A serial entrepreneur, Brian Elrod is cofounder and CEO at Text Request, a business texting solution.
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3 Resources Bootstrappers Need to Overcome Common Challenges

There are many ways to grow a successful business, and bootstrapping, while not necessarily en vogue, is what most entrepreneurs are faced with—funding a business straight from your own wallet or customer revenue, not from investors. There are unique challenges to bootstrapping, but you can do it and still become a high-growth company. We’ve done...
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5 Steps to Hypergrowth without Funding

Entrepreneurs, especially first-timers, have a knack for getting caught up in startup myths. These include, among others: Find your growth hack, you have to get venture funding, spend money to make money, move to Silicon Valley. These can all help in the right context, but if I’ve learned one thing as a successful serial entrepreneur,...