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Ben Perry is the VP of Advertising Operations at MocoSpace, a Boston-based mobile social gaming company. Prior to that he worked at iProspect, one of the leading search engine marketing firms, where he started their successful paid search practice. Ben holds several degrees in psychological disciplines, including a Ph.D. from The Ohio State University.
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Mobile Advertising: Get It While It’s Cheap

If you don’t start taking advantage of mobile now, you will regret it later. The trends couldn’t be clearer and the trajectory is off the charts. Flurry just posted an analysis on their excellent blog showing the incredible growth of smart phones. They noted that the adoption of these devices is expanding at a much...
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Mobile Marketing: 5 Free Tactics to Follow

You’ve no doubt heard that mobile is hot, so I’ll spare you all the stats. What I give you in this article instead, though, is something that will help you capitalize on the mobile platform for marketing your business. To that end, the following is a set of five mobile tactics that you can execute...