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Ben is a highly experienced business professional with a 35 year track record of success. Ben’s experience includes senior executive/owner of a Los Angeles consumer electronics marketing company; founder and managing partner of a San Diego business and intellectual property law firm; president of a San Diego media and marketing company and since 2012, chief operating officer of the 28 year old financial service company, Diversified Business Resources, Inc.
Startup profitable
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10 Keys to Making Your Startup Profitable

Everyone who starts a new business knows they need to make it profitable. No new business can run forever on savings, investor capital and loans, so it is vital that every new business owner has a...
Fund a startup business
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6 Ways to Fund a Startup Business

More than 6 million people in the United States started a new business in 2015. This was the greatest increase of new business startups in over 20 years, and this increased pace of new business startups...