Benjamin Barnett

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Benjamin Barnett is the co-founder of Kapow Meggings, an e-commerce business that makes high quality men’s leggings designed for fitness, fashion and festivals. Known for its irreverent brand and wild designs, Kapow sells globally from distribution centers in the U.S. and U.K. Kapow markets itself through its Instagram and Facebook, Google Ads, PR, and an SEO and content strategy. Ben is based in Sydney, Australia. Prior to launching a niche brand, he spent 10 years in marketing at multinational advertising and design agencies, and 5 years with U.S. tech company, Yelp.
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How to Successfully Define and Grow a Niche Brand

You’ve got a business idea but it’s, well, kind of niche. Maybe it’s so niche that you’re not sure where you’ll find customers, or if it’s even a sustainable idea at all. Never fear. We’re living in the golden age of startups, and there’s no such thing as “too niche.” It’s never been easier for...