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Brett Farmiloe is CEO of the digital marketing company, Markitors, and founder of the knowledge platform, Terkel, a platform where business leaders can answer questions related to their expertise and get published in articles featuring their insights.
sales pitches
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12 Unique Ideas For Memorable Sales Pitches

What is one unique idea for an entrepreneur to create an effective and memorable sales pitch?  To help you make your sales pitches effective and memorable, we asked marketing professionals and experienced entrepreneurs this question for their best ideas. From focusing on benefits to offering irresistible bargains, there are many ways to create effective sales...
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14 Funding Tips From Entrepreneurs Who’ve Been There

As an entrepreneur, what is your best tip to secure funding for a startup? To help you with securing funding for your startup, we asked small business owners and entrepreneurs this question for their best strategies. From using commercial finance brokers to finding value-aligned investors, here's advice that may help you fund your startup. Here...
internal candidates
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9 Reasons Startups Should Hire Internal Candidates

Give one reason why a startup should hire internal candidates when looking to fill a new role? To help startups discover the benefits of internal hiring, we asked hiring managers and startup CEOs this question for their best insights. From maintaining a culture of collaboration to brand familiarity, there are  benefits to choosing internal candidates...
blockchain technology
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11 Benefits of Blockchain Technology for Small Businesses

What is one benefit of utilizing blockchain technology in your small business? To help you understand the benefits of blockchain technology, we asked fintech experts and small business owners this question for their best insights. From the benefit of border-free transactionality to top-level data security, there are several benefits of utilizing blockchain technology in your...
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9 Ways Small Businesses Can Effectively Use Chatbots

To help you understand the effectiveness and use of chatbots, we asked business professionals for their best insights. From qualifying leads to supporting online customer service, there are several ways to effectively utilize chatbots for your small business. Think of chatbots as assistants The best way is to not think of them as chatbots at...