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The 7 Benefits of Forming a Corporation

With 2024 still new, many entrepreneurs are about to start or have just started a new business. After all, January or, more broadly, the first quarter of any year can be a favorable time to...
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Benefits of Forming an LLC

Whether you are just starting your business or you have already been operating a business as a sole proprietorship or general partnership, you may be wondering about the benefits of forming your business as a...
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DBA or LLC: Which is Right for Your Business?

Naming a business is an important step. Common advice says the name you select should typically portray what your business does, be easy to remember and help customers find you. Even with all the thought...
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Foreign Qualification: What you Need to Know

The term foreign qualification can often be confusing to business owners. The first thing most of us think of when we hear the term “foreign” is something outside the United States; however, in the world...
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Foreign Qualification Steps

When it is determined that a corporation or LLC is transacting business in a state or states other than its state of formation, the company is required to foreign qualify in those states. The process...
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Registered Agent: What You Need to Know

As you prepare to form your business as a corporation or limited liability company (LLC), you need to select a registered agent. Virtually all states require corporations and LLCs that are formed or foreign qualified...
relocating a company
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Relocating a Company to Another State

Companies aren’t stationary. They move from one state to another, usually to lower the cost of doing business and/or to provide a better quality of life for owners and employees. No one really knows how...
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Business Startup Checklist

You’ve decided to start a business. This is both an exciting and demanding time. The checklist below is meant to help new business owners by providing a list of the most common startup steps. Depending...
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30 Days to Startup

Becoming the president of an international corporation used to take a lifetime of hard work. Now, it can be done with a PC, strong entrepreneurial spirit, and less than 30 days. The idea of being...