Bob Shoyhet

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Bob Shoyhet is a chief financial officer who has been helping build small and medium sized businesses from emerging "mom and pop" companies to $100M+ organizations with international divisions for the past 25 years. His specialty is a laser focus on profit maximization, which puts him in a unique position of understanding what businesses should do to get off the ground, how to position themselves to achieve next level growth and how to effectively leverage finance in every single department to maximize the bottom line.
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Startup Hacks: How to Get Your Invoices Paid, Fast

One of the biggest challenges of being a small business owner is convincing clients to pay invoices, especially when you’ve asked more than once. It’s easy to waste hours mailing and re-mailing invoices, digging through old communications to determine the hold-up, making uncomfortable phone calls, and harassing customers with reminder emails. All to get the...
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A Flexible Option to Fight the Rising Cost of Employee Benefits

As new and existing small businesses look for creative ways to offer benefits in order to stay competitive, more employees are also asking for some degree of flexible work arrangements. Given the rising cost of employee benefits, is this something your business should consider? If your employees make this request, would you listen? The benefits and...